Piscis y scorpio compatibles

Jun 19, Pisces and Scorpio are said to be highly compatible but do you know why? Learn concrete specifics about the two water signs and how they.
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A pair that can finish each other's sentences! As long as there's more to learn, friends to see, and personalities to entertain, boredom is kept at bay.

The troubles start if responsibilities crowd in, and one of the two has to grow up. There are four lovers in this relationship, doubling the drama and the fun. The sentimentality of Venus Cancer makes Gemini nervous and keeps them wondering about expectations. The loose lips of Gemini can hurt Cancer without meaning to, and resentment builds.

The Crab wants to build a cozy nest, but Gemini starts to feel like a caged bird. All is lost if insecurities spiral out of control. A playful pair that both like to be center stage. The trick is to make Leo feel special since Gemini tends to be flirty and friendly. Leo has a forceful personality, while Gemini wears many masks. The Loyal Lion finds Gemini a dubious character that may be living a double life. Venus Virgo has a critical edge and perfectionism that Gemini finds hard to live up to. Virgo will also expect things to be tidy, which is not a priority for on-the-go Gemini.

Both are nervous types, so it will take a lot of soothing partner massages to come down from the day. Gemini will want to be punctual and take note of Virgo's likes, to be considered for friendship or more. Both of these lovers are commitment-shy and dance around getting into deeper bonds until its inevitable. What holds them together is a love of culture, ideas, and language.

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Sorcerer

Libra is thrown off balance by Gemini, who flits from one fascination to the next. In a world full of takers, a Piscean woman is truly a breath of fresh air for she gives unconditionally. When it comes to love, she is the type who believes in love at first sight, happily ever after and serendipity. This lady dreams of being loved immensely. Pisces woman is often lost in la la land so she matches well with a man who is capable of snapping her out of it and gently brings her back to reality.

Pisces woman is truly an amazing partner for she knows how to love unconditionally. Scorpio man is desired by many women but his elusive heart can only be won by one. He is not the type to take advantage of his admirers because he takes love seriously. This man is very intense in everything he does and love is no exception. He wants to find the woman who he feels is worthy of his love. When in a relationship, Scorpio wants to be in control so his partner must be submissive. She must be very careful not to ruffle his feathers with actions that will trigger his jealousy. Winning her is no easy feat but it will all be worth it because this lady loves with all her heart and soul.

She gets attracted to ambitious, fearless and intelligent men.

When in a relationship, Scorpio woman is utterly loyal, attentive and romantic. She tends to be possessive and controlling of her man because Scorpions are very protective of the people they love. Charming, intelligent and reserved Pisces is a closet romantic. This man makes a great partner for he is able to sense her desires without being told.

He will surely find ways to give all that she wants…..

He may look tough on the outside but this man is very sensitive and gets emotionally bruised easily. This man seeks a partner who will protect him from harsh realities of life. Scorpio matches really well with Pisces. When these two meet for the first time, they will be amazed on how spot on their connection is.

The Scorpio man can be very suspicious if he does not trust his woman and the Pisces woman is the kind to escape to seek relief. Their pairing will not work out only if they have an unlucky birth chart defect in either one of their horoscopes else this pairing is ideal.

They will know it from the beginning of their relationship about their fantastic chemistry and compatibility with each other. They will have their ups and downs owing to their highly emotional natures but they both manage to make up in a rather fun and loving way. The Scorpio man is a very intense, strong-willed and focused person. He has his own sense of conviction and justification. A Scorpio man often stands out from the crowd owing to his magnetic personality and sexual charm.

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He appears calm and serene on the outside but often there are a million storms running through his mind. A Scorpio man is a deep thinker. He is always very passionate about reaching his goals in life. A Scorpio man proves to be the ideal partner for every woman as they are very loyal, sexually active and devoted in a relationship. Although a Scorpio can appear very cool initially, they get very possessive and bonded later on in the relationship. In a relationship with a Pisces woman, the Scorpio man does not like her need for space in the relationship.

When in a relationship, he has to know that he is with a partner who will be stable and substantial. Scorpio, facts: traditionaly connected to 8th Natal house, it covers: death, sex and taxes. Complete and final sharing of all we posses. Joining, but not in the way of becoming one, joining in a way that we lose ourselves and transform into something else. Chemical reaction of the highest rank. Contact from the other side of a wall, of a veil, a grave.

These are not dreams, but shadows in reality. While we are still here, these are the last steps on the Earth. Understanding how ephemeral we are, and how real.

The shared element of Water in both the signs

The liveliest in the moments before we lose it all: when we say goodbye to the loved ones, when we leave, when we walk into the judgement. Know yourself — and there is no climbing high without falling down in the gutter. This is the other kind of the mirror, the one that shows the ugliest in us, the scarriest.

Every urge is strong, every emotion deep and final as death sentence. People that are walking underground.


Bad guy. The one who knows everybody, but nobody knows him.

Silence has weight and worth of gold. Trust is the highest value, fear is the highest tax. Scorpio Scorpiolife scorpiolove scorpioproblems scorpiosbelike scorpiowoman scorpioman scorpioseason escorpio scorpione escorpiao. A Pisces woman is very sincere, caring and empathetic in a relationship. She is very caring and is capable of giving a lot of love. She can be quite naive and unrealistic about the people around her owing to her own innocence and belief in the goodness of others.

A Pisces woman can mold herself to the likes and dislikes of her lover and hence is considered a wonderful companion for many zodiac signs. She respects her man utterly though she cannot express herself very well. She can have many mood swings especially because she does not have a very good self-esteem.