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GEMINI. (May June 20). Some folklorists prefer the term.
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Which way it goes will depend on your receptivity to transformation. You'll have no need to take on the melodramatic, almost-desperate mood Helprin seems to imply is essential.

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Just the opposite, in fact. Yes, risk defeat and be willing to exhaust yourself in the struggle to accomplish the impossible; but do so in a spirit of exuberance, motivated by the urge to play. Don't ask the gods to intervene, they say, until you have done all you can through your own efforts.

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Furthermore, don't ask the gods for help unless you are prepared to accept their help if it's different from what you thought it should be. I bring these considerations to your attention, Pisces, because you currently meet all these requirements. So I say go right ahead and seek the gods' input and assistance. ARIES March April 19 : Interior designer Dorothy Draper said she wished there were a single word that meant "exciting, frightfully important, irreplaceable, deeply satisfying, basic, and thrilling, all at once. In any case, I'm pleased to report that for the next few weeks, many of you Aries people will embody and express that rich blend of qualities.

I have coined a new word to capture it: tremblissimo. TAURUS April May 20 : According to my astrological intuition, you're entering a phase when you will derive special benefit from these five observations by poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. It is you. The word spreads around, and in the end, no one remembers where it started.

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We must be the guardians of that angel. But scientists writing in the journal The Lancet say that in modern culture, the current span is from ages 10 to Puberty comes earlier now, in part because of shifts in eating habits and exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. At the same time, people hold onto their youth longer because they wait a while before diving into events associated with the initiation into adulthood, like getting married, finishing education and having children.

Even if you're well past 24, Gemini, I suggest you revisit and reignite your juvenile stage in the coming weeks. You need to reconnect with your wild innocence. You'll benefit from immersing yourself in memories of coming of age.

Jupiter, Florida. Rome, Italy. This weekend, I'm going to get some.

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